Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drill bits are a type of diamond tool, and therefore contain diamond segments bonded to a base material. It is the hardest type of tool and is especially frequently used on highly abrasive materials.

Until recently scientists thought that diamond was first used some time 500 BC in India. However recent new evidence suggests that craftsmen in China used diamond for polishing as far back as 4500 years ago.

The industrial market for this mineral focuses primarily on the hardness and heat conductivity, while clarity and color are considered irrelevant. Thus 80% percent of what the miners find end up in tools (such as diamond drill bits, diamond core drill bits, blades, polishing cups, abrasivesetc…) and not on the necks of Titanic bound debutants.

Due to the fact that it’s the hardest material we use, it is excellent for working on stone, ceramics, marble, glass, fiberglass, porcelain, etc. However, diamond drill bits grind, as opposed to cutting the surface. Nevertheless, they are less noisy and less brittle then other alternatives.

Diamond core drill bits (also known as diamond hole saws) have a hollow center and cut a circle in the material to create or enlarge an existing hole.

It is generally recommended to lubricate these bits with water.

And of course, whatever you do, always pay attention to the manufacturers instructions. Different makers use different material composition, and thus may require different mode of care and application.


John said...

Is this for drill in tiles?


adrix merkado said...

There are certain techniques when using diamond core bit drill which also affects the core bit drill performance. Guidelines and safety precautions are being

followed to ensure that the drilling project is safe and effective as well as hassle free and may

help lengthen the life span of core bit drill. Always remember to wear safety gadgets for

precautions such as safety glasses, proper footwear, safety suit, earplug as well as helmet for

protection. In some cases, respiratory equipment may also need.

Unknown said...

Sometimes what happens is when we do certain techniques using Diamond core drill it also affects the core bit..In order to reduce it we need to use the safety measures..
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John MacIntyre said...

Diamond drill bits are also great at cutting more fragile materials like carbon fibre or fibre glass which require very sharp diamond tools to stop the fibres from fraying when cutting.

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