A Case for Diamond Drill Bits

The thing about diamond drill bits is that they look so much like the regular ones that many people do not know that they should have them in the house. I’ve seen people try to drill wholes in concrete kitchen floors and bathroom tiles with the regular bits with some really sad results. Lucky are the ones who had replacement tiles.

Seriously, people. You wouldn’t use a wooden knife to cut a stone, would you? When you are drilling through a hard surface, you really need something that is harder than the surface you are working on. And it doesn’t get harder than diamond. Diamond happens to be the hardest material we know.

But when you get comfortable with the idea of drilling, get yourself a whole bunch of diamond drill bits of various shapes and sizes (twist, core drill bits, etc) and you can do a whole set of fun projects.

In fact, diamond core drill bits are used quite intensively for various craft projects. You can use them to cut out various designs on the glass. Just check out this cool project . That will give you an idea of things you can do with your drill! Seriously, drill bits are not just for the handyman around the house. They are also for the decorist of the place :)

By the way, when I mentioned the sad results of using the wrong drill bits on concrete, I really meant me… Yah… That time when I tried to drill a whole in the ceramic kitchen floor… I learned my lesson though. My diamond drill bit collection is in the place of honor in my basement.